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PUMAS Blog: Harbour View v Pumas - cancelled

Friday, August 29, 2008

Harbour View v Pumas - cancelled

Because of Tropical Storm Gustav the match between Pumas and Harbour View of Kingston, Jamaica was postponed on Thursday as the storm passed over the island. The match was rescheduled for Friday evening, but after making a pitch inspection the authorities declared the surface unplayable.

The tie will now be decided in one match at CU on September 4th at 9pm.


At 01:04, Blogger DT said...

I heard it had made "Hurrican" status:-

all other CONCACAF Champions League results, and video highlights here:-

At 15:52, Blogger Richard said...

Thanks for the links DT. Yes it was a tropical storm as it crossed Jamaica, but arriving in Cuba it had certainly made it to Hurricane status.

Given that they travelled to Jamaica, and transport is not yet back to normal, one problem might be getting the Pumas team back in time to prepare for Sunday's game against Atlas!


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